Ballroom Dance for Everyone! 

Salsa, Waltz or Tango? We offer group and private lessons for all ages and levels. Twice a month, every other Friday, we host a Dance Party. We play a variety of songs and cover a range of dances. It’s a great way to spend your Friday night! No worries if you do not have a dance partner.  We do partner shuffles so no is ever left out!

Studio Showcase 

Twice a year we organize a studio showcase. This is a catered event where our members get to show off their dance moves and choreographies to the songs they’ve chosen.  Towards the end of the program Dancesport professionals perform their latest choreographies.  Such a treat! Check out our GALLERY!


Check out our CALENDAR for group lesson schedule.


Are special shoes required? No, but special dance shoes with suede bottom are preferred choice among our members. They help you move across the floor with ease.

Do I need to have a dance partner? No, we do partner shuffles so no one is left out.

Event Venue

Our studio features 1,600 sqft sprung dance floor, top notch audio system, party lights and everything else you need to host an awesome event.  Whether its a wedding reception, Sweet 16, engagement or anniversary party, our Ballroom has everything you need to make it a memorable event!

Tomboy to dancer
Testimonial Star Rating - 1611958
by Kim S 1/7/2020
From tomboy to dancer, yes, that’s me. The studio has several amazing instructors to choose from. Heather (one of the owners) is my absolute favorite. She has so much patience and is able to break down our (me and hubby) choreography simply enough for me to understand. Jim and I enjoy dancing so much that we actually chose to compete in sanctioned dance events around the country. Deciding to learn to dance has been a challenge that I will never regret. Great instructors and awesome dancer friends here at All About Ballroom…, dance, dance!!!
Kim S.