At All About Ballroom, we are happy to offer dance lessons for those who just want to dance recreationally and socially. Social dances include hustle, East Coast and West Coast swing, salsa, bachata, and meringue.


With its roots firmly planted in disco music of the 1970’s, the hustle comes in many forms, from partner dancing to line dancing. It is still performed in a variety of venues from ballrooms to nightclubs.

East Coast and West Coast Swing

East Coast Swing has its origin in the Lindy Hop of the 1940’s. Dancers move in a circular pattern, using a lot of dance floor space. The lively East Coast Swing incorporates twists, turns, and tunnels. Usually danced to typical swing music, it adapts to all types of music. West Coast Swing is fun, yet slower and more formal than East Coast Swing. Dancers move in an up-and-down pattern within a rectangular area of the dance floor. Like the East Coast Swing, the West Coast Swing is danced to a variety of music.


The salsa is a dance very similar to the mambo. It combines hip action, shimmying, and shaking.


The bachata originated in the Dominican Republic. It is a slow, side-to-side dance with a hip roll and/or a lift. Partners dance close to one another.


The merengue originated in the Dominican Republic. A relatively easy dance to learn, it combines small steps, hip swings, and graceful arm movements. All About Ballroom serves Jacksonville and the surrounding areas of Switzerland, Nocatee, Julington Creek, Mandarin, and Fruit Cove. We invite you to visit the All About Ballroom studio, take a tour, and talk to our dance instructors. Contact us today at 904-679-5697. Take the first dance step of many more to come, and join us for a lifetime love of dance!