Latin Dance Shoes

When you first came to dance at All About Ballroom, it wasn’t really necessary for you to have “official” ballroom dance shoes. But now that you’ve decided to continue dancing and maybe even compete, it’s time to purchase real ballroom dance shoes. You are ready for thin, suede soles that will provide just the right amount of grip as the shoes glide easily across the dance floor. The flexible dance shoes will allow for foot movement that showcases your dance techniques. There are three basic types of ballroom dance shoes…Latin, Standard, and Practice. Each type should not only look good, but should also provide the elements of support, comfort, and protection.
  • Women’s Latin Shoes are open-toe, sandal style with thin heels that are from one to three and one-half inches high. Latin Shoes are the recommended choice for a woman’s first pair of ballroom dance shoes. It is suggested that your first pair be flesh-tone in color rather than black, silver or gold.
  • Men’s Latin Shoes have heels that are from one and one-half to two and one-half inches high.
  • Women’s Standard Shoes are closed-toe pumps. The heels are shorter and wider than Latin Shoes.
  • Men’s Standard Shoes are usually a black lace-up, similar in looks to a regular dress shoe. They are the recommended choice for a man’s first pair of ballroom dance shoes. It is suggested that your first pair be one color and made of regular leather.
  • Practice Shoes can be similar to a man’s standard shoe or sneaker-style. They are specially designed to be used for a variety of dance styles. Practice Shoes are not allowed to be used in competition settings.
Although ballroom dance shoes are readily available for purchase from online vendors and manufacturers, first-time buyers should try on shoes before making a purchase. To make sure that you buy the right shoes, consider these points:
  • Ballroom dance shoes should provide a tight fit with no extra room in them.
  • Ballroom dance shoes are usually designed and made in British shoe sizes. Hence, they are one to two sizes smaller than U.S. shoe sizes.
  • When considering the sole of the shoe, make sure that the grip works for your style of dance and type of dance floor.
  • For women considering the heel height, a good rule of thumb is to not go more than one-half inch higher than any heels you have ever worn.
  • Men’s shoes should be flexible rather than stiff.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help from the shoe sales associate. That’s what they are there to do.
And don’t forget… Once you buy your ballroom dance shoes, you need to allow for some “break-in” time before you hit the studio or competition floor. When you shop for ballroom dance shoes, there are other items that you may want to purchase. Heel covers are a must for women’s shoes. They protect the floor, allow for more grip, and protect the heels of your shoes. Insoles add extra comfort. A shoe brush is great for keeping your shoes clean. In addition, brushing the soles helps maintain a good grip to the shoes. Last but not least, get a carry bag for your shoes and all of the extras. Ballroom dance shoes can be quite an investment. Your first pair will likely be the first of many. It will give you an idea of what to look for when you buy subsequent pairs of ballroom dance shoes. If you are uncertain about the direction to take with regard to ballroom dance shoes, All About Ballroom dance instructors have the knowledge and expertise to help get you into your first pair of shoes. All About Ballroom serves Jacksonville and the surrounding areas of Switzerland, Nocatee, Julington Creek, Mandarin, and Fruit Cove. We invite you to visit our studio at 774 State Road 13 North, Jacksonville, FL, 32259, or contact us at 904-679-5697 or at .