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Learn to Salsa Dance in Orange Park

Looking for Salsa dance lessons in Orange Park? Then whether you’re a complete beginner or seasoned pro, let All About Ballroom improve your skills and help you look good on the dance floor! Check-out our event calendar page for a listing of days when group salsa dance lessons are offered, or give us a call at 904-679-5697 to schedule a private salsa class.

Our Orange Park salsa dance lessons are a great way to meet people and make friends, and salsa dancing gives couples a great hobby to share! Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor.  Stop sitting on the sidelines and start dancing today.  You will be so glad you did!

Unrivaled Instructors

Our highly experienced instructors have a true passion for dance and a genuine love for the art!
Our diverse staff allows us to provide a wide variety of dance lessons for adults and children alike!

Relaxed & Comfortable

We provide excellent dance classes in a relaxed, comfortable, zero-stress environment.
Classes are small, giving each student as much attention as possible….whether you’re an absolute beginner or an advanced dancer.

Private & Group Lessons

With our private and group lessons, we have everything you need to become confident on the dance floor.
We tailor your dance program to your skill-level, needs and goals… and we do it on your schedule.

Affordable Instruction

Studios can charge a small fortune for dance instruction, but our programs are among the most affordable in Florida!
Come take part in our introductory offer: $79 for 3 Private Lessons and 1 Group Class!

Why Choose Us

All About Ballroom serves Jacksonville and the surrounding areas of St. Augustine, Nocatee, Julington Creek, Mandarin, Orange Park and Fruit Cove. We invite you to visit the All About Ballroom studio, take a tour, and talk to our dance instructors. Contact us today at 904-679-5697 or info@aabdance.com. Take the first dance step of many more to come, and join us for a lifetime love of dance!

What Our Students Say…

Awesome instructors and an absolutely GORGEOUS studio!!!
Markus Wynne Thiesen, Student Testimonial
What a fabulous place and an awesome dance floor! You have done a wonderful job making this happen! Congratulations!
Sandra Jones Myers, Student Testimonial
Superb studio with great dance floor and awesome teachers.
Sid Pocius, Student Testimonial
Heather was my instructor and dance partner for the Jacksonville “Dancing with the Stars”competition. What a great experience and what a great teacher! Five stars. I highly recommend.
The best Ballroom dance instruction in Jacksonville! Professional Staff and Service unmatched expertise!
Mark Jackson, Student Testimonial

If you’re tired of sitting down at parties, or other social events because you can’t dance…we’ll make sure you never again say no to another dance invitation!

Let All About Ballroom teach you how to Salsa dance in Orange Park. We are today’s makers of great salsa dancers, and we’ll show you how easy it can be!

All About Ballroom offers a number of different types of Salsa dancing lessons tailored to the individual, but these are the most popular

Private Lessons

This Orange Park Salsa lessons are personalized to the individual student’s needs, and it is the best way to learn how to salsa dance! These classes are perfect if you’re too shy for a group class environment. You’re guaranteed to be able to dance with just a few hours of private lessons.

Salsa Beginners  

This Salsa class explains the basics and foundations, everything from the very first steps and starting turns. Typically, slower tempo music is used in this dance class so you’ll be able to practice the beginner turn patterns with comfort, and you can get an understanding for how salsa music is broken down. Other Salsa elements covered include: the basics of timing and musicality.

Salsa Intermediate

Building on the foundations learned in the Salsa Beginners level, with the Salsa Intermediate classes you’ll learn more complicated turn patterns that are meant to flow with the music and your partner. Some of those moves include: multiple spins, traveling turns, hand tosses, and much more. Leading and following is explained more thoroughly.   Timing and musicality is explained in greater detail.

All About Ballroom is gradually creating the some of the best dancers in Orange Park, FL from people of diversified backgrounds, and we are ready to accommodate your every need! As soon as you set foot inside our the All About Ballroom studio, you will immediately realize why we are steps above the rest. It’s our excellent dance teachers combined with our friendly atmosphere.

Contact Us Today to Start Salsa Dancing!

All About Ballroom ~ 778 State Road 13 N St, St John’s, FL 32259 ~ 904-679-5697 ~ aabdance@yahoo.com