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We recommend starting with our introductory program. It includes three private lessons, one group class, and one practice party. This allows you to try out all the types of activities our studio has to offer.
A private lesson is a lesson with one student to one instructor. If you come with a partner, it can be one couple to one instructor. This is the fastest way of learning due to the fact that the teacher can work with the individual or his or her particular wants and needs. You get to choose the dance or dances you work on. If you are unsure about what you would like to learn, our experienced professionals will help you decide what would be best.
A group class is a lesson with one instructor to a group of people. We follow a group class schedule. This means that the dance that is scheduled for each evening is the dance that will be learned during that time. It is a great way to meet new people and work on lead and follow skills since you will be changing partners throughout the class.
We have practice parties twice a month at All About Ballroom. Any level of dancer may attend, and no partner is necessary. This is a time to practice what you have learned during your lessons. It’s also a great time to socialize with other dancers.
When you first try out ballroom or Latin dance lessons there is no need to buy special shoes. You will want to wear a comfortable shoe that is easy to move around in; no flip flops or sandals without straps. Men could wear a dress shoe that will move on the floor easily. If you find that you enjoy ballroom dancing, then it would be good to invest in a dance shoe. Your instructor can help you find the right type of dance shoe.