There are lots of good reasons to take up ballroom dancing. One is that it is a great family affair. Here are some reasons to get your kids out on the dance floor… • Ballroom dancing can have positive effects on your child’s physical health. It offers all the benefits of exercise while developing muscle strength, flexibility, coordination, stamina, and bone growth. It promotes the functions of the respiratory and circulatory systems. Because ballroom dance lessons are a form of exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise, they provide physical activity that is a fun alternative to the gym or sports field. • Ballroom dancing can have positive effects on your child’s mental and emotional health. Ballroom dancing has a positive effect on cognitive learning, attentiveness, and communication skills. It teaches goal-setting and gives the tools necessary to achieve those goals. It also gives kids an outlet for stress relief helping them to be more relaxed in order to concentrate on studying and class lessons. • Ballroom dancing is a great way to connect with others and form new friendships. Kids learn how to interact face-to-face with their peers. Social skills are taught and practiced with a group of kids that have the same interest. Ballroom dancing provides an opportunity for kids to belong to a social group that is unlike the cliques at school. The kids learn what it means to be part of a team. The dance community is a supportive alternative to negative influences that prey upon children. • Ballroom dancing offers a boost to your child’s self-confidence. The process of learning, practicing, and mastering dance steps instills a great sense of accomplishment and the pride that comes with it. Self-confidence is great to have when you are a growing child. For a child who does not necessarily excel in Phys Ed classes or sports, ballroom dancing is a self-confidence booster. • Ballroom dancing is FUN! Your All About Ballroom instructors are committed to providing a dance experience that allows your child to have a good time as he or she gains all the benefits from ballroom dancing. Watch them as they put away those hand-held devices and start moving their feet to the beat! With all of these reasons why ballroom dancing is good for the kids, it’s really a no-brainer… encourage them to try it; they’ll like it! Bring the kids to meet their new friends at All About Ballroom today. All About Ballroom serves Jacksonville and the surrounding areas of Switzerland, Nocatee, Julington Creek, Mandarin, and Fruit Cove. We invite you to visit our studio at 774 State Road 13 North, Jacksonville, FL, 32259, or contact us at 904-679-5697 or at .