All competitive sports involve rules, procedures, and officiating. They require strength, flexibility, and stamina through practice and preparation. DanceSport, or competitive ballroom dancing, is no different. Here are some tips to help competitive ballroom dancers get ready for “game day”.

Get your head in “the game”. Prepare mentally by concentrating on the upcoming competition. A clear head is important for performing your routine.

Focus on fun. Sports enthusiasts who enjoy “the game” usually are more successful than those who don’t. Your dance steps and your appearance are at their best when you really enjoy dancing. Judges can tell when dancers are having fun out on the dance floor.

Make a “game plan” ahead of the big “game”. Several details should be worked out well ahead of your competition. Choreograph the routine… Put your “uniform” together by getting the appropriate costume, shoes, and accessories… Allow time to break in new shoes and to practice your moves in your costume… Arrange for professionals to help you with make-up and hair styles…

Maintain a healthy diet and good hydration habits. An athlete’s body requires solid and sound nutrition to make and keep it strong enough to handle both practice and performance. Healthy foods fuel the energy required for competitive ballroom dancing. Drinking water is important to prevent dehydration and cramps.

Enjoy the victories and don’t wallow in defeat. Most sports have a 24-hour rule that calls for letting go of the most recent competition and getting on with the next one. Overconfidence from winning or discouragement from not winning will surely affect your next performance. So let it go!

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